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Bryant, Wisconsin
With over 20 years of experience with Siberian huskies, we have a lot to reflect on. Except for the occasional acquisition from outside of our kennel, we have raised all of our dogs. We have raced in 16 states and provinces and have put thousands of miles behind the dog teams that we have proudly watched grow up from puppies. In the process, the dogs and other mushers have taught us husbandry, nutrition, genetics, skill in training, and lots of patience, perseverance, and humility.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dogwreck Revisited

Well, don't go too hard on dogtec admin. We've been warming up to the new version, and.....well, errrr...... I'm beginning to like it. Please give it a look/see, and also give it some time to sink in and grow on you. Some features will be different. The front pages for kennels will no longer be so unique and colorful. And the main kennel directory is way different. This version is much more complex and not exactly user friendly, but it has a lot more to offer with a little patience to learn its features. Bear with us as we update and refine the new format. And be sure to tune in to our dogtec blog as well as this one. They will be a little different in content. Be sure to bookmark the main dogtec homepage too: http://www.dogtec.com/. It will show you all the recent updates from all the kennels, including blog posts, events, and photos.

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