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With over 20 years of experience with Siberian huskies, we have a lot to reflect on. Except for the occasional acquisition from outside of our kennel, we have raised all of our dogs. We have raced in 16 states and provinces and have put thousands of miles behind the dog teams that we have proudly watched grow up from puppies. In the process, the dogs and other mushers have taught us husbandry, nutrition, genetics, skill in training, and lots of patience, perseverance, and humility.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dogtec to Dogwreck

Elizabeth has almost all of the firewood in, and since she's been using our new Husky 372 w/ a 24" bar, her arm is sore. We have had our first really cold snaps and some snow, and the miles are adding up on the dog team. We are right on our usual schedule w/20-mile runs beginning for the upcoming deer season next Saturday. We have to go out at night w/ one big team and another ATV riding point to watch for porkys. A good light is not enough with all the hills and corners, and we've had enough porky experience to teach us. Another sign that we're right on schedule is that we're just now unpacking from last year's racing. That turned out to be fortuitous when our well pump failed and we found bottled water for coffee in one of our drop bags.

Now for the dogwreck part: For those of you that have been checking in to our dogtec web kennel presentation, you might be surprised at the new format just enabled. We were horrified, and if they stay with this new style we will no longer keep it up. What's your opinion? Please e-mail Jacques and Magali at: jmphilip@noatak.com and tell them if, like us, you think this is a step down.

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